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Ms. Kathy Nienhaus

Ms. Nienhaus and Sons
Ms. Nienhaus and Sons
Welcome to Third Grade From Ms. Nienhaus ("Knee-house")

Welcome to third grade! It is going to be an exciting year with much to learn. I believe that all students can learn through both support and challenge. It is my job to make the curriculum meaningful to the learner and lessons engaging. I expect 100% from my students and give them 100% in return. Along with the Three Rs, all students need access to the visual and performing arts as an integral part of their education. Each day is the opportunity to learn more! 

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2 Books a Month! (From our Reading Counts Selections)

Reading is THE most important part of daily homework. Choosing the right book at the appropriate level is the key to success! SEE HOMEWORK AND READING SUPPORT FOR MORE INFORMATION.