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Calavera Hills Mileage Club

Milers and Marathoners is a running program which integrates physical activity, goal-setting, and fun. Our goals are to:

  • Enhance fitness and aerobic conditioning
  • Increase learning readiness
  • Encourage determination and long-term goal setting
  • Recognize participation from all, regardless of initial fitness levels, and
  • Acknowledge progress

Students commit to 15-20 minutes of daily running/vigorous walking, 3-5 days per week as a class or grade level. Students log their completed laps using mileage marker cards. As students complete each lap, teachers and/or parent volunteers hole punch students’ mileage marker cards. After completing each 20 lap card, students earn a colorful toe token to be worn on a chain necklace.  Students receive special recognition for high mileage achievements from 26.2–100 miles throughout the school year in the form of certificates and special mileage tokens. The enthusiasm generated with the program is amazing! Students can be seen running during recess and lunch, and during school with the support of their teachers and parents. Daily, running necklaces are a part of student apparel and worn with great pride. At weekly school-wide assemblies, students are recognized publicly for reaching their marathon marks.